The Google Maps App Has Received One Of Its Biggest Updates

Hours ago, Android and iOS versions of Google Maps received one of their biggest updates, followed by seven

Hours ago, Android and iOS versions of Google Maps received one of their biggest updates, followed by seven new features added to the Google map. The first change to the Google Maps app is to redesign the Explore section and now it shows users suggestions from nearby restaurants or cafes.

Also, thanks to the “Places of Interest” app, the user can find restaurants whose food is more close to their tastes. In fact, these lists will be set up by Google’s own local experts and algorithms, and so you will be better off with the information that’s available.

Android users also have the ability to turn their restaurant or cafeteria into Google. For example, suppose you try ten of the best burgers in the area, and so far only five of them have gone. Now, Google Maps, according to the list of places of interest, shows the rest of the city’s similar points.

The fourth major change to the Google Maps map is to display the most important events; in the Explorer tab, the important events and events that have been depicted around the user’s place of residence. The fifth important feature is also Location History. By activating this section, each restaurant will receive your match, the odds that you can enjoy depending on your preferences.

Of course, before you use this feature, you must first set your priorities in the program. The sixth feature is something like the Google Maps snapshot list. However, depending on the priorities set, suggestions are given here. In other words, after you have set food and drink priorities, the app will show you the suggested locations.

Finally, a new fever called For you has been added to the app that tells the important things around you. For example, recently opened a new restaurant or cafe around the local area of the user’s life, it informs Google Mapes about this. This feature is currently active only on Android and for US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Japan.

According to Google, the new version of Google Maps is now available. However, the activation of the high-end features takes a little time and users have to wait a few days.

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